Why A Day in Your Life?

A Day in Your Life events has come about because Judith, founder, felt she was not taking enough time out to 'smell the roses'.

"Sometimes we need to remind ourselves there is much more to life than working non-stop.  Though it sounds cliché, you do need to “stop and smell the roses” from time to time. Taking time to smell the roses is about being flexible enough to seize the little moments in your personal life when they are presented, and being open enough to receive their “gifts.”   These little moments are the ones that sustain you — over the long haul, through ups and downs –because they re-energize you and help you move ahead with (renewed) purpose and drive.  So, while single minded focus can move mountains, “smelling the roses” along the way can ensure that you move the mountain in the right direction."

Sometimes our age then wakes us up to hearing ourselves say "How could I possibly have reached this age; where have the years gone; there must be something more".

Judith had worked in many places and many jobs but in her fifties she found her passion.  This was Pilates. She studied the Method and subsequently qualified as a Pilates Teacher in 2004 and has been loving every moment of her teaching ever since.

Being a Pilates Teacher is a privileged place of trust and allowed Judith to see the many pathways that her clients had taken or lived. Over the years this added much colour to her life, she learnt new ways, beliefs, creativity and much more.

She began to realise how many unexplored avenues of life that she hadn't had time to walk along or perhaps just hadn't got motivated enough to get on and do something about it.  Perhaps then there were many others out there with similar thoughts.  This then brought together the idea of having a day which could include an eclectic mix of those things that add value, teach you, test you like creativity, physical and mental well-being exercises, food, shelter and much more. And then perhaps they could be all brought under one roof? So the first A Day in Your Life event was conceived. 

Each event will be a different mix - well it has to be because there are many different roses to smell and every day is a different day.  So Judith went in search of a team of people that could offer these things and more.  The team is an ever increasing, wonderful and exciting group of people with skills that will hopefully help you make changes in your life.

The first ever A Day in Your Life event took place on Saturday, 4 October 2014, in Chislehurst at Livingstone House. So have a look at the Face Book page and see the photos, listen to the feedback and we hope this will inspire you to come to the next A Day in Your Life and then the next!

Don't forget it is never too late to make changes, learn and be inspired.