LIVINGSTONE HOUSE http://livingstone-house.com/home
13 Beechcroft Chislehurst Kent BR7 5DB

Livingstone House is accessible by car only from Beechcroft and following the entrance road will take you to their car park and house. The grounds are lovely and it is possible on a good day that lunch could be a picnic outdoors so please bring an extra layer for such an eventuality.


As the WALK will be the first thing that you do and it could be wet and cold, please dress accordingly. We all meet at Livingstone House before the walk, so you can leave your ‘BACK PACK’ in the MAIN HALL.

  1. WHAT DO I NEED TO WEAR FOR THE DAY? – A change of clothes for the sessions that aren’t exercising. Remember in the event of a wet walk you may want to have packed extra socks and spare trainers. Remember the venue may not be to the temperature that keeps you warm enough so come prepared with layers.
  2. WHAT DO I NEED TO EXERCISE? – please bring your normal exercise gear and have dry trainers (or something similar) for indoor activities.
  3. WHAT DO I NEED FOR CREATIVE SESSIONS? – Just an APRON or OVERALL for the Art Creative session. Everything else is supplied.
  4. DO I NEED AN EXERCISE MAT? – NO but if you require more support beneath your spine than one mat provided please bring your own.
  5. DO I NEED ANYTHING FOR NOTE TAKING? – YES - notepad, pencil or pen.
  6. DO I NEED TO BRING A WATER BOTTLE? – YES please bring your own and fill from the kitchen tap. There will be no water available apart from tap.
  7. DO I NEED TO BRING LUNCH? – NO lunch will be provided and is included in the price.
  8. DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN DRINKS? – NO there will be coffee, tea and herbal teas available and these are included in the price. If these beverages and tap water are not what you wish please bring your preferred drink.
  9. DO I NEED TO ATTEND EVERY SESSION – NO not if you don’t wish to but the fee remains the same.
Remember this is more 'boot camp' less 'spa'!

Hopefully we have covered your FAQs but if not please contact Judith Watson on info@adayinyourlife.co.uk or 07711349635