Martin Feaver

- Mind Body Activation Coach

Martin Feaver Unlock Your Power resized.jpgToday, Martin runs Unlock Your Power and uses his own coaching and physical therapy technique called Mind Body Activation to work with people who want to be free of labels, be themselves and have a desire to make a difference to their lives. Athletes who want to fulfil their real potential as people who love moving their bodies; men and women who are ready to realise their own power, want self worth and have trust and faith in themselves; and with coaches, sports and life coaches, who want their clients to thrive and fulfil their potential using both their mind and body.


His pathway to this point in his life has been ‘varied’. He got his first degree when he qualified as a PE teacher many years ago – yes he was the guy you used to hate at school!  He followed it up with a masters with a dissertation on physical activity and stress. He set up his own personal training business before anyone called them ‘personal trainers’ and was one of the first cardiac rehabilitation instructors in the UK setting up many local programmes in Kent.


He's spoken to a variety of audiences over the years, from national health club chains to the Women’s Institute, and has run many training courses and workshops. Life has never been dull!   

If he was pushed to say where his greatest lessons and breakthroughs have come from he’d say from the people he's met and worked with in his life especially his clients. He's still learning and loving it.   

Martin's mantra is enjoy the day you create.


Imir Frazer

- Yoga Teacher

Imir has been practising yoga for over 12 years, studying and exploring Ashtanga, Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Krama (linking postures together in flowing sequences, which generate heat and increase cardio-vascular capacity). Her teaching style is calm and friendly and her classes deep, challenging and flowing. A lifelong enthusiasm for movement, dance, health and fitness led Imir to train in contemporary dance and massage before becoming a yoga teacher, where her knowledge, experience and interests were joyfully united. "I aim to lead and assist a strong and conscientious practice, focused on safeguarding against injury, protecting and enhancing the body with careful alignment and development of core muscles."

Eugenie Froud

- Mind Detox and Mind Calm Practitioner

Eugenie blurred resized.jpgSome years ago Eugenie experienced a life changing event in the form of a very bad car accident where she broke her back, legs and received multiple other injuries. Through the path of trying alternative therapies over the years to help ease her pain and other life challenges that followed, it led Eugenie to find Mind Detox and Mind Calm. Now qualified in both, she can share her learning that has brought her both pain relief and mind peace.

Judith Watson

- Pilates Teacher
- Creative Team

Judith2 resized and cropped.jpgJudith started doing Pilates in 2003 as a result of seeking something that would help her with the chronic back pain that had been part of her life for many years and hindered her mobility and activities she enjoyed doing. She found almost immediately that she was able to find pathways to movement that could reduce her back pain and as a result of this change of state of mind and body she knew she wanted to study to be a teacher. She continues to train to the highest level with the Body Control Pilates Association and is currently studying for her Level 4 REPs qualification. She mentors students training to be mat work teachers and large equipment teachers.

She is also part of the Creative Team and will share with you her biggest passion after Pilates!

Valerie May

- Yoga Teacher

Valerie May resized and cropped.jpg

Valerie is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher, who trained with the world renowned Katy Appleton of appleyoga. Valerie's 240 hour teacher training and 90 hour pregnancy, post natal and baby yoga training are all accredited with Yoga Alliance UK.

Valerie has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. She discovered the practice with the aim of alleviating a chronic back injury. She found that yoga practically cured this and at the same time started to increase her flexibility, stamina and general fitness. Yoga also had the unexpected benefit of dramatically reducing the anxiety and stress she felt as a result of her finance job in the corporate world. She fell in love with the practice and could not wait to attend class each week.

After starting a family and feeling increasing  unfulfilling in her career Valerie decided to train as a yoga teacher. She is passionate about the benefits of yoga especially for those experiencing stress in our modern day lives.  She strongly feels that yoga is for everybody.  Valerie's teaching style is fun, lighthearted and accessible but at the same time delivering the key messages of a safe yoga practice. Her classes will allow you to soothe, relax, rejuvenate, energise and calm the body, mind and soul. 

Sarah Hadley

- Music Therapist - Creative Team

Sarah.jpgSarah has been practising as a Music Therapist for 29 years and works with children and young people who have a range of life challenges resulting from disability, trauma or illness.

Music plays an important part in all of our lives and everyone can think of a song or a piece of music which has particular significance for them. Essentially, Music Therapists harness this natural affinity we all have for music to offer a different way of exploring and addressing a diverse range of emotional and psycho-social needs where music is the primary “therapeutic language”. Bespoke programmes are created for client’s needs through musical improvisation which is based on the innate musicality inherent in us all. Sarah will help you explore your musicality and perhaps open up another creative door for you!

Gina Woudstra

- Georgina Woudstra Ltd
- Life Coach

Georgina-10115A cropped and resized to 170 pxls_edited-1.jpgGeorgina's passion for the business world and entrepreneurialism has led her to found and grow several diverse businesses over her career where, as a leader, she discovered a natural talent for helping others attain their best performance. She is a leading light in her field, with the kind of passion that rubs off on others. Georgina specialises in coaching CEOs and their Executive Teams, in particular boards of fast growth companies.

Edwina Dehlsen

- Pilates Teacher
- Co-ordinator

Edwina resized.jpgEdwina first discovered Pilates in Australia in 2009 and was instantly hooked.  After moving back to London in 2011 and fed up with the constant discomfort from long hours at a desk she decided to become a teacher and share her passion for Pilates.  Edwina completed her training with the Body Control Pilates Association in 2014. 

Continuing her professional development she is also studying physiotherapy at King's College London and has a sharp eye for technique and movement analysis.  She offers clients further insight and a better understanding to the benefits of Pilates and then how these benefits can be introduced into daily life.

Edwina is also an integral part of the Administrative Team for A Day in Your Life and helps in organizing and co-ordinating every aspect of the day and taking care of participants' needs and concerns. 

Chloe Brown

- Interior Stylist - Creative Team

Chloe resized photo_edited-1.jpg

Chloe is a London based freelance interior, lifestyle and food prop stylist who has an impressive biography. She started her career at Living Etc. and in four years she went from Style assistant to Style Editor.  She has worked with various known magazines such as Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Easy Living and more. Amongst her client base has been some of the leading chain stores. Her style  has been called contemporary yet cozy, neat with a touch of glamor and it has been said that looking through her portfolio can make you yearn for home!

Judi Craddock

- Heart Your Body
- Body Confidence Coach

Judi Craddock.jpgBefore founding her business, Judi qualified as a Style Coach combining her coaching skills with personal styling techniques. She experienced poor body image herself and knows the devastating effects it can have. Through being coached and then becoming a coach herself, she learned tools and techniques to deal with the destructive thoughts that she had about her appearance and began to notice those things that she did love. Body confidence is about accepting and loving the body you’ve been given. Judi brings to A Day in Your Life an insight into her journey.